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The first stage of the Science and Innovation Park project is to be realized in 2023 on the site of the old biscuit factory in Győr.

Numerous examples worldwide show the significance of innovation centers, better known internationally as „science parks”. It is our aim to build up a university-based innovation ecosystem which provides opportunity for spinoffs and startups, contributes a creative space for industry, maintains an incubation function, and plays an important role in talent development, thus ensuring seamless flow between industry, research and higher education. All this, in an outstanding environment where quality is the crucial factor.

In 2023, we will provide space for entrepreneurship, incubation, research and education activities on six levels and more than 4,000 m2 in the cube building. The building will also house the university's new design courses.

From 2023, in the following investment stages, we will continuously deliver new, highly qualified buildings that satisfy a wide spectrum of tenant needs with the complete rehabilitation of the old biscuit factory area.

The Park is located just 500 meters from the country’s most dynamically developing university and is only 10 minutes away from the heart of the inner city. The Park can be quickly and conveniently accessed on foot, by bike, by car or using public transportation.

As a consequence of the university’s dynamic development, the institution currently has more than 15000 enrolled students who actively participate in research, lab work, and assist in realizing corporate projects. Students come to our university from all over the country, not just Győr and the region. Our progressively growing international community contributes to the university’s diversity and reputation.

The Park functions as an organizational and infrastructural link in assisting its tenants and corporate partners to come into contact with the university’s 23 testing labs and 22 research labs to realize various testing and research tasks.

The Science and Innovation Park provides an expanded organizational and infrastructural framework for the innovation stimulating activities of the Management Campus.


We bring together the university’s world-class laboratories with corporate demands in order to facilitate the development of new products and realize innovative projects.

In the inspiring environment of the cubical building of the old biscuit factory, we foster our students evolving creativity and help newly starting enterprises in their first years to overcome the difficulties in business and organizational development. We establish bridges between the companies of the Park and the university with extended services and projects, such as the incubation and business development services and student innovation projects of the Management Campus. Our programs and venues for stimulating entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking will play an important role in the subsequent investment stages too.

A highly specialized business and research environment is set up 500 meters from the country’s most dynamically developing campus. The iconic Győr „Cube” will provide space for business, incubation, research and educational activities on six floors (over 4000 m2) from 2023 . In the subsequent investment stages, new buildings will be realized continuously from 2023, where cooperation opportunities are offered to our partners through offices, labs, seminar and conference venues, available for short- or long-term rental, or for organizing occasional programs. When designing our buildings the aspects of sustainability, low operational costs and satisying special requests were taken into consideration.

The main focus areas of the Park’s activities are also the main specialized fields of the university: car industry, digital technologies, creative industry, food and health technologies. In these fields we support our tenants and partners with special consulting, networking, initiating and realizing R&D projects, organizing thematic events and workshops.

Since its foundation, the university’s Management Campus has regarded it its mission to increase the innovation capability of companies. The popularity of its programs which offer solutions to unique corporate problems is ever increasing. It gives assistance to newly formed startups throughout the innovation process, but also guides already operating companies further in this process. The new Science and Innovation Park takes these activities to the next level, providing a wide range of innovation management services to companies who require the physical proximity of the university, from collecting ideas to product development and finding funding.

We provide assistance to individual company developments and joint corporate-university R&D projects, in finding nonrepayable grants from national and EU instutions, loans, or hedge fund sources which are optimized for the specific project and organization. Help is also given in the application process and the realization of these projects.





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